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Welcome to the National Fraternity of Secular Franciscans of Canada!

Secular Franciscans strive to live their lives according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ as St. Francis of Assisi did in the early 12th century, in simplicity, fraternal love and repentance, with a particular focus on the poor of the world.

The National Fraternity boundaries comprise the boundaries of our great country, Canada, with Regional Fraternities in the West, Central Ontario, Qu├ębec and the Eastern Provinces. The local fraternities which make up the Regional Fraternities include brothers and sisters from many walks of life, cultures and language groups.

Becoming a Secular Franciscan requires about two years of formation and a permanent commitment to fraternal life. For more information on the Secular Franciscan way of life, click on the links in the menu to the left.


The National Fraternity of the Secular Franciscan Order in Canada is the organic union of all the local fraternities across the country grouped into regional Fraternities.

The purpose of the National Fraternity is:
  1. To foster communion and cooperation among the fraternities in Canada.

  2. To be a link between the Regional Fraternities and the International Fraternity.

  3. To nurture growth in the Franciscan and ecclesial life of the members.

  4. To make present in the life and mission of the Church the charism of our Seraphic Father.

  5. To provide a forum for discussion of common goals and problems.

  6. To represent Secular Franciscans, at the National level, in their associations with church or civil organizations and to promote mutual relationships with other such organizations where appropriate.

For more information, contact the National Fraternity of Canada: information@ofsnational.ca

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